Big Coin Case Is Big Problem For Cryptocurrency

Article by Forbes: Walter Pavlo We are in the middle of a cryptocurrency revolution. With over 7,000 digital currencies established in a short period of time,... Details

Blockchain’s Next Frontier: Saving the Planet (and Possibly Pandas, Too)

  Article by Observer: Sissi Cao Despite the boom and bust cycle of Bitcoin and its extensive family of cryptocurrencies, there is a general consensus among the tech and... Details

Bittrex Adopts Chainalysis KYT Software to Flag Suspicious Activity

  News by Coindesk: Danny Nelson Bittrex, the U.S. crypto exchange, has adopted blockchain compliance firm Chainalysis’ real-time monitoring software for transactions to flag suspicious activity... Details

Libra Might Not Be Launched in 2020

  News by Altcoin Buzz: Natalia Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, wants to do everything right, including when it comes to the launch of Libra. In an interview... Details

Telegram to Award Devs $400k In TON Blockchain Smart Contracts Contest

  News by Cointelegraph: Helen Partz Global messaging app Telegram announced a coding competition for building smart contracts for the Telegram Open Network (TON) Blockchain. 5... Details

Bitfinex and Tether Are Safe For Now

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Telefónica Making Provisions Not To Miss The Blockchain Boat

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Cisco Partners With SingularityNET on Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

  News by Cointelegraph: Aaron Wood Decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) firm SingularityNET and tech conglomerate Cisco have partnered to develop applied artificial general intelligence (AGI) technologies.... Details

Facebook Buys Chatbot Startup Servicefriend to Integrate Into Calibra

Article by Joeri Cant Facebook has acquired the artificial intelligence-based chat-bot startup Servicefriend for customer service for Calibra, the digital wallet for Facebook’s planned Libra cryptocurrency.... Details
Meet Binance In Jakarta (Empowering Blockchain Summit)

Meet Binance In Jakarta (Empowering Blockchain Summit)

Empowering Blockchain Summit, a platform to find solutions and share insights on the better way of applying the blockchain technology into the overall industry in... Details